US, Vermont: Mount Snow – Green Mountain National Forest – West Dover

There is absolutely no doubt this was the most colourful scenery I’ve ever seen!

After getting over my initial fear about the long drive to Vermont, I had no other thought than looking forward to a new experience and to a new place. The 7 hours’ drive through the rain and clouds didn’t discourage us, since we knew the sun will come over in the following days. We were already stunned at the beautiful landscaping through the curtain of clouds and the rain intermission, but still ignorant at the upcoming events.

As you might wonder, our destination was Mount Snow, located in the Green Mountain National Forest, Vermont. But how to recognize for a Green Mountain, when all kind of colours and shades of red, yellow and green are surrounding you?.. Following our trail through the hills and mountains, a great journey through the western side of Vermont, was, as you have realized, in the middle of the fall, one of the best seasons when one can visit these wonderful places.

pic 1

If Mount Snow is renowned for its skiing and snowboarding trails, at this time of the year we have decided for a hike to the summit of Haystack Mountain, coming from West Dover. And because we’ve lost our hiking condition since our last trip, this one was a little challenging for the steep side of the mountain, a little over 1000 m at the top of the summit.

pic 3

But we don’t quit that easily, especially after 700 km driving.. So, we started full of joy the lean trail from the base, which we thought is heading to the very top. Following the path by chance, we noticed after a little while that we were zigzagging too much, and also intersecting with too many bicycle paths. This was the moment when we decided to take the shortcut, one of the skiing trails, under the main chairlift. What other shorter distance to take us to the summit? Not long after taking the straight way, on our first break, we turned around to catch our breath; and then we realized we were gazing in awe at the millions of vivid colours surrounding us. And since then, with every step we took we wanted to blend in the landscape, our eyes wide spread in all sides.

pic 7

With our mind transposed into a different world, into a different time, we just realized the summit is in front of us. Especially when people started to congratulate us for our efforts and perseverance for hiking all the way to the top. But the big prize paid for all our efforts was when we stepped on to the North side of the summit, where Somerset Reservoir got laid out in all its beauty in the valley below.

pic 4

The stunning surrounding views were all so colourful as much as you could see: mixed shades of all kind of colours made the scenery hard to forget. The Painter didn’t miss any shade of color, millions dots of colorful diamonds, glowing fireworks surrounded us all over the place. An absolute feast for our pupils and our hearts, moments of ecstasy, earthly bliss, endless delight, sitting in reverence at how many wonders our mother nature can make. All we could see 360 degrees around us was the same pastel, same game of colours, mesmerizing tint of brightness.

pic 2

Hard to move from the hypnotizing scenery and go back, we decided to ride the chairlift, and through this dazzling nature we found some new exquisite sensations.

pic 6

The pictures we took made only a little justice to the breathtaking views.

pic 5

When I close my eyes I can still see the outstanding colorful glow. I can still feel the power of nature; I can still relax to sense the peacefulness and tranquillity. Now I can understand why the people in Vermont are considered ones of the top happiest people, they do get free green therapy every day!

pic 8

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