Out and about in Ottawa

Originally a trading and lumbering community, Ottawa was named the capital of the Province of Canada in late 1857. The location of the capital city changed six times in the first 26 years of Canada’s history, but Queen Victoria chose Ottawa, as political rivalries quarreled between the various cities.

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The best photos of the year: 2022

After two years of pandemic, 2022 came at a slow pace. We decided it is time to enjoy life, and travel more than in the previous years. Therefore, at the beginning of the year we answered quickly to our friends invite to stay with them in Fort Myers.

City of Palms was a nice surprise, our sweet get away from the cold Canada, where the winter lingers for.. too much😊

Nature eventually revived after a long winter, and new life emerged in the spring, but no traveling plans have been made yet, which was unusual for us, especially after 2 years of restrictions.

After a tiresome trip back home in Romania to tie some loose ends, I was all so eager to make some vacation plans. The second part of the year found us on the road, exploring the New York State; Finger Lakes region was a new discovery and a delight, only few hours driving from GTA.

Suddenly, our priorities changed, and my little free time got completely devoted to planning new trips and hikes. A couple of amazing months of short trips in Nova Scotia, Canada, and Provence, France soon followed. Unfortunately, I had to put blogging, and other activities on hold, as nothing can beat the excitement of a new trip!

The fall is my favourite season in Canada, and we couldn’t miss the amazing colours, but soon after the autumnal foliage was gone, we found a nice place to relax in Cayo Las Brujas, Cuba.

With many opportunities to explore the nature, we collected beautiful memories from two continents, hiking along two of the most amazing canyons Letchworth and Verdon Gorge; enjoying countless waterfalls, learning bits of history in new places along the road.

Unable to keep up with the blogging in 2022, I’ll try to gather some of my best photos throughout the year. A wonderful one overall, very grateful for all the travels we have had, and everything else.

Wherever you are, wherever you go, happy travels to all of you, and have a Wonderful New Year!


Rainbow falls, Watkins Glen state park
Rainbow falls, Watkins Glen state park
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Happy Earth Day!

“We don’t inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.” – Chief Seattle

As the days become longer, and the skies sunnier, we see and hear the birds more often, building nests and calling for a mating partner. It’s the spring time, again, with small flowers emerging through the last layers of snow, with birds singing happily around. The spring that brings everything alive, and never fails to bring us joy! Except maybe for some late snow falls, known under different names, such as “Onion snow”, “Robin snow”, or “Lambing snow”. Nevertheless, the spring is here😊

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The best photos of the year: 2021

Despite 2021 being a tough year, with many ups and downs, and hopes for a normal life, we still had our little joys, witnessing the life emerging in the spring, or watching the sunny skies during the summer time! We were happy to be able to learn a bit of Canadian history in Thunder Bay, and considered lucky to be able to hit the road again, having not one, but two road trips, one in Northern Ontario, along Lake Superior, and one in Quebec, around the Gaspé Peninsula (known as Gaspésie).

Even though some wildfires altered the nature in certain areas and then the rain came to wash out the barren earth, we still had our amazing autumn, when the Mother Nature put up the most exquisite golden dress!

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Playing Santa isn’t so bad!

Cohorts of Santa’s are waiting patiently in most of the stores at this time of the year, alluring the passersby, children and adults alike. They smile, they play, some of them can even dance! With a full bag of surprises, they get eventually a foster house, where cheerful families, longing for the most desired and festive celebration of the year, need a headman for their other decorations.

I always feel super excited when I see so many colourful decorations, and the music plays everywhere, when the stores are super busy with people moving scurrying around, looking for a proper gift. Sometimes I feel intimidated, because it is so hard to chose new ornaments. While I do not over decorate our home, I try to put a personal note every year, as I do not consider necessary to spend lavishly on the eye-catching stuff from every store. Although I want them all😊

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October-Feast in our garden

As the cold season approaches, the little creatures start their annual feast, getting ready for hibernation, or migration. The flowers are still blooming, offering their reach nectar to the ones that like foraging the beautiful gardens.

Many birds, bees, moths, insects, and butterflies consume nectar. Without knowing it, they spread the pollen that is stuck to their body to other plants, therefore pollinating.

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