CA, Nova Scotia: Louisbourg – Digby – Annapolis Basin

The following day, once in the tiny and cozy town of Louisbourg, we spent the early evening at the little hidden beach that reminded us of our merry times in our 20’s. When you can grab a blanket and a guitar, and your bunch of friends. When the laugh and the glee were the only care one can have.
After that we spent some time shopping in the little family stores full of crafts, and antique pieces of local art.
We saved the major destination: the fortress, where “The past is present”, as the city states itself, for the next day.fortressVery well organized, the bus took us right to the spot, where hundreds of cheerful animators are playing the living life as they would in 1744. We have tried a turnip soup (or we could do a pea soup), accordingly with the 300 years ago recipe. We have visited all buildings and streets in this mini-town; this is an astonishing way of presenting the reconstructed fortress, of understanding the history, and still having so much fun with the wonderful and jolly guides.


And how we could not leave NS without seeing some whales, what a better destination than Digby, the closest town from the Briar Island, where you can get the best cruise to see the whales from.



But since the way down south goes along the Bay of Fundy, we found Scots Bay, where one can see one of the best tidal shows. Twice a day, the bay fills and empties with a billion of tonnes of water, and this is actually the place where there is the highest tide in the world. The mesmerizing show of the nature made us laying down on the edging rocks for few hours, and see how the water is caressing and covering slowly the shore with the rise of it.


The whale watching took us from Digby to the eastern island of St Mary’s Bay: Briar Island. So we had to take 2 ferries to cross Central Grove; very punctual, crossing every single hour, the ferries took us back and forth to the point where we had the chance to have one of the most enchanting cruise to watch the whales with Mariner Cruises.

whale watching

In this unforgettable small town on the western shore of Annapolis Basin, with nice people and great food, I first tried the mouth-watering and delicious scallops. But then I was happy; and actually this is how I did fall in love for NS scallops, but not forgetting Le Gabriel’s best lobster that is still part of my fond memories about Cheticamp in Cape Breton. And how a true traveler might say: is always good to leave something behind to have what to come back for, I will go back at least once again to try again the exquisite and heavenly tasty seafood from NS while listening its traditional fiddling.

Digby sunset








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