The Storm

a.k.a. The Sorcerer

A flying paper gets a rest in a tree

But the wind was thinking it’s not

The time for a rest or a break

With his endless blowing and roars.

Passing storm Parlee Beach New Brunswick
Passing storm Parlee Beach, New Brunswick

Running leaves chasing each other

Rising high, searching for some air

Leaving no time to come together

Or to part, whatever.

Burning sun behind the mountain Gardiner Montana
Sun setting behind the mountain – Gardiner, Montana

Hurried steps hushing on the street

Muffled cries of a wasted soul

Concealed secrets flying in the wind

Vanishing away into the thin air.

Storm approaching Okanagan Valley British Columbia
Storm approaching Okanagan Valley, British Columbia

The clouds are coming, menacing for the truth

Frightening the leaves, the trees and the city

Empty streets are now everywhere

With no one to greet the uproar.

Undecided weather - Confederation Bridge from Prince Edward Island
Undecided weather – Confederation Bridge from Prince Edward Island

He comes from the North

With a forceful furry

Looking for the weak

Fragile or frail

The Sorcerer puffing out a storm Gardiner Montana
“The Sorcerer” puffing out a storm – Gardiner, Montana

Changing directions he searches

And hunting. But Why?

And where are the people?

No one to applaud, to run or to scare?

Menacing clouds over Angel Glacier Alberta
Menacing clouds over Angel Glacier, Alberta

The branches are still

And the paper is gone

The leaves are nowhere

To find them alone

Storm coming over Cannon Beach Oregon
Storm coming over Cannon Beach, Oregon

No cries and no wailing

No secrets or stories

No one wants the storm

The squalls or downpour

Rushing to the shore before a storm Santiago De Cuba
Rushing to the shore – Santiago De Cuba

Surprised and defeated

Abandoned and lonely

It’s time to go back.

Go back! Nobody wants you!

A rainbow comes after every storm Jasper Alberta
A rainbow comes after every storm – Jasper, Alberta

Happy rainbows my friends!

2 thoughts on “The Storm

  1. Clouds provide endless entertainment. It was amazing as I read your post, how I recognized most of the places where you took photos, all except Santiago de Cuba. Wish we had some rainy clouds over us right now, but with the cold day, they would likely yield snow. April showers are in short supply this year. Stay well Christie. Allan

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So true, they can open up the imagination😊 We’ve been for a short getaway in a resort near Santiago de Cuba, an amazing place, where the mountains meet the sea. The clouds stayed stick to the mountains for a couple of days, until they took revenge on the third day.
      Indeed, April showers are in short supply this year, we are having some snow these days…
      Stay well you too Allan!

      Liked by 1 person

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