Travel Challenge – Day 6

I was nominated by Nilla from ImageEarthTravel to post a favourite travel picture for 10 days, without any explanation, then nominate someone else to participate. Thank you Nilla!

So: 10 days, 10 travel pictures, 10 nominations, 0 explanations.

Today I nominate Marie from HopsSkipandJumps for this challenge. Marie, if you would like to do it it’s great, if not, that’s ok😊


12 thoughts on “Travel Challenge – Day 6

    1. It is an alpaca baby😍 They have the softest wool and posing them for tourists is one of the most common ocupation to say so, in most parts of highlands in Peru. This photo is taken in Cusco. Glad you like it, have a beautiful afternoon! xx

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    1. Indeed, one of the streets in Cusco! All people were so nice there, even though some of them have a harsh life. I found this girl pretty sad, so I stopped her for a picture. Thank you for following along🙂


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