Photo Challenge – Week#2

Enjoying so much the last year 10-day travel challenge, Nilla from ImageEarthTravel has kindly initiated a new Photo Challenge for the month of August and beyond, for everyone who would like to participate. Thank you Nilla for the nomination!

This challenge sees you posting a favourite photo each week for the month of August, and could be taken at any time. So now is the time to start digging through all your treasure boxes, or post a recent one if you have something new to share with us.

The fun is to guess where the photo was taken, as we suppose to post a photo without any explanation. Any comments are actually welcome!

Today, I nominate Maggie and Richard, from MonkeysTale for this challenge, as they have so many beautiful photos from around the world. Maggie, you can post whenever you wish, you can accept the challenge for this month, or else for the next one if you are too busy now. If you are not interested, then it’s ok, feel free to share this challenge.

If you want to take a peek on the last year 10-day travel challenge, you can check here.


19 thoughts on “Photo Challenge – Week#2

    1. Rural area indeed, but from Cuba😊
      The man (who was selling bananas and coconuts for a living) looked very cool the way he was smoking his cigar.
      Have a nice trip! We are also leaving in a couple of days😉

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  1. Such a great photo, Christie 🙂 Somehow Cuba springs o mind due to it being firmly linked to the date of that air retro pastel houses and the simple lifestyle of its inhabitants. Can’t wait to find out where it was actually taken 🙂 Have a nice day Aiva xxx

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    1. Great guess Aiva!! Indeed the retro houses, and their paint is a good hint, but also smoking cigars I would say😉 I was fascinated by the way they smoke cigars on the street..
      have a wonderful day you too🙂


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