No matter what you would like to say, you need to use your words. Good words or bad words, simple or complicated, you use your words at your best convenience. You use words when you speak, you use words when you cry, you use them when you laugh, or pray. We cannot hear your words when you think, but you can hear them yourself for your own sake.

The words can be mean, the words can be nice, they can bring sorrow but they can bring joy. We can control the words, but they can control us too; they can be quiet, but they can be loud too. They can be silent, but noisy in your head; they can cause frustration, vexation, or resentments. But they can bring comfort, pleasure, or happiness.

The words can bring us music, poetry, or love stories; the words can bring us lies, hate, or malice. The nice words are not always sincere, and the bad words are not always deceitful.

The words can get right, the words can get wrong, they have a meaning, or a double meaning.

Sometimes we want to speak words, sometimes we want to keep quiet, sometimes we mean when we speak them, and sometimes it’s just going out without meaning them.

You can use few words to say a lot, or you can speak a lot without saying anything.

It is up to us to use them wisely, it is our choice to say nothing at all..


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