Traveler of our times

You see and understand,

Thinking of our sorrow

Witnessing our joy

Told or unknown

Whispered in the sky.

Northern Light Alarm Lighthouse
Northern Light and Alarm overlooking miles of Atlantic Ocean at Northern point of Brier Island, Nova Scotia – Canada
Trois Riviere Lighthouse
Trois Rivieres Lighthouse, Quebec – Canada

Sailor of the troubled sea

The wind is your friend

Partner in your heart

Pilot of your ship

Thinking if you should come back

Before coming from a long journey.

Port Credit Lighthouse
The Port Credit lighthouse, built in 1991 to replace the original lighthouse destroyed by fire in 1936, is a working lighthouse visible from 15 miles out on Lake Ontario – Mississauga, Ontario – Canada
St Paul Island Southwest Lighthouse
St Paul Island Southwest Lighthouse built in 1915 for St Paul Island (known as Graveyard of the Gulf), and relocated in 2011 as a heritage lighthouse in Dingwall, Nova Scotia –Canada

Navigator in the dark

Unchartered lands

Anxious spirit

Restless mind

Going to discover

What is after next door.

Yaquina Bay Lighthouse
The historic Yaquina Bay Lighthouse, active between 1871 and 1874 is believed to be the oldest building in Newport, Oregon – USA
Yaquina Head Lighthouse
Yaquina Head Lighthouse, (known also as Cape Foulweather Lighthouse) – near Newport, Oregon – USA

House of light

Gleaming in the dark

Waiting for your pilgrim soul

To arrive

Guided by the stars

Short passage to another dream

Prince Shoal Lighthouse
Haut-fond Prince (Prince Shoal), built between 1963 and 1964 on St Lawrence River due to one of the most treacherous shoals; it is automated since 1987 – Tadoussac, Quebec – Canada
Point Prim Lighthouse
The Point Prim lighthouse, built in 1817 is the fourth one built on this site, offers spectacular views, especially at sunset, over the Bay of Fundy – Digby, Nova Scotia – Canada

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