CA, Ontario: Photo essay – An idyllic winter wonderland

The winter might not be over yet in Ontario, but the last couple of days have been sunny, letting us hope the spring is around of corner. Canadians are pretty much used with harsh weather, but this winter especially was generous in snow, freezing rain, ice pellets, etc. But that is over, and who wants to remember tough moments, when the birds are out, chirping, and calling out for spring time?

I was overjoyed this morning when I could hear the birds in the whole neighbourhood, even though the snow sits generously on the sides of the street, waiting for higher temperatures to melt away. I couldn’t see the birds, but I could hear them singing on different voices from different directions. Pure bliss!

Spring is coming soon, so a great time for a summary of idyllic pictures I took in the past couple of months.

Late December we went up North to Blue Mountain resort, about 170 km North of Toronto. That is a small resort where most people go to ski, but what is the most amazing about that place, I think, are the surroundings, the country roads with enchanting views.

Winter landscape 2

Winter landscape 1

One weekend in January, we went to the cottage country, and we were lucky with some sunny days as well. I was wondering how the birds survive through a harsh winter, and put some seeds on the deck handrail. A black capped chickadee came up quickly and grabbed hungrily the sunflower seeds.

Black-capped chickadee

Later on, a gang of blue jays came to feed themselves as well, couple of them fighting over territory. Or over food?

Blue jay

We tried some ice fishing on Family day, in February. That was a first for myself, and a fiasco. But the experience was more than thrilling!!

After catching a pic of a red tailed hawk perching in a tree, 3 days ago,

Red tailed hawk

I was all curious to see what my favourite park The Riverwood Conservancy has to offer today. Please walk with me along, and hope you enjoy the views at least as much as I have enjoyed myself.

The Riverwood Conservancy - Walking in the park

The Riverwood Conservancy - Biking

The Riverwood Conservancy - pristine view

Coyote in The Riverwood Conservancy
I was a little nervous when I saw this coyote in the woods today, I always thought they are a bit smaller. By the time I hold my hand steady and focus my camera, he moved further away, reason I couldn’t get a picture with his full body. I decided to change my route anyway, I didn’t really want to meet him face to face.


The Riverwood Conservancy - Walks in the park
After encountering the coyote, I got calmer once I saw more people in the park. Walking, snowshoeing, biking, but never thought skiing was an option. The lady with red jacket had her own ski trail.


The Riverwood Conservancy - Cardinals
I was very amused when I saw this male Cardinal chasing the female. They always sit on different levels of the same tree, the male on the upper branches.

The Riverwood Conservancy

Hope you have had a wonderful Sunday!


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