Photo essay – Bits of April, Lockdown vs Freedom

April was a month with many changes in Ontario, amid the worldwide changes.

A month of many seasons, with clouds, sun, snow, winds, hail, and rain. And many sunny days.


A month of family time, more or less; of worries and happiness, of plans and cancellations.

April was the month that left me jobless, one of the nearly two million jobless people in Canada for the month, and I’ve been wondering who we are, and where are we heading to. What side of the fence are we actually: inside or outside?

Inside or outside

We’ve been so lucky we were able to get up North, to our little retreat, away from the busy life of a city. I started looking up, and realized I actually got some freedom, while being lockdown.

Stairs to Heaven

As the weather improved, I started to do more gardening, exercising, and longer walks. I was full of joy when I spotted three new life birds in the neighbourhood.

I considered myself lucky to get a little break actually, and have some time for myself.

April was a great month to admire the nature revival, and some wildlife. It was the love month for some ducks on the lake, and witnessed how the bold males were chasing the other suitors.

Love is in the air - Mallard ducks
Love is in the air – Mallard ducks


The month when I made new friends,

and I quarreled with others for messing around with our birdfeeders

The little thief who messed up a bird feeder

The month when the birds were all out singing loud, and the little flowers were blooming shyly.

An awkward April, but a wonderful one!




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