Happy Valentine’s Day!

Although many winter festivities have been cancelled due to the ongoing Codiv-19 pandemic in Ontario, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Ice sculpture carving went through, as we found few amazing sculptures in a nearby community of Bridgenorth.

Hope you’re all having an amazing Valentine’s Day!


23 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!

    1. Unfortunately pretty much all events have been cancelled, I was actually surprised to see these in the park, as they announced the local PolarFest is cancelled. At least some seasonal bits to indulge our eyes and hearts🙂


  1. I had no idea that there were ice sculptures in Bridgenorth, how neat. I was just up in this area too over the weekend as we drove through Peterborough to check out Emily Provincial Park and Mark S. Burnham Provincial Park.


    1. The carving is organized as part of PolarFest activities every year, and I believe there might be some in Lakefield as well. We go ice fishing on the Family long weekend in Bridgenorth, they organize a big event, on a normal year..

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      1. Not sure what’s going on there, Christie. I got the same results you did. I did a search on: “Ice Carving with the Best In the World: Fairbanks, Ak. 2016” and it came up about three down on Google.

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