Winter wonders: frost flowers

Winter is here again, and the only way to enjoy it is to embrace it! What a better way than exploring the surrounding countryside, where every unexpected corner can offer many surprises; this time the rare and stunning frost flowers.

Frost flowers

We had a beautiful weekend, with sunny skies, and itchy feet. Going for a stroll in the neighbourhood to capture the moment was my first thought in the morning, as the flawless white snow and the blue skies were beckoning to us.

ice fern

Besides many ice formations observed on our way, I was totally taken by surprise when, approaching a small stream, I noticed these interesting emerging forms, bordering the small banks of snow.

ice fern

Made of ice, the intricate frost flowers are very delicate, and can break easily. They are not seen very often, because they require a very specific combination of temperature, and humidity.

Frost flowers

First, the wind speed must be very low, so the ice can ‘grow’ at a nice pace.

But you might wonder how the ice can ‘grow’? The answer is simple! The main reason is the very cold temperature.

When the temperatures drop below -15 degrees Celcius, the air becomes very dry. The dryness pulls the moisture off the small ice protuberances, tending to vaporize. But these water vapours don’t go far, because the freezing temperatures cause them freeze again, at the edge of the existing formation, so crystal by crystal, the vapours turn back into ice, forming these beautiful fern-like flower petals.

Frost flowers

Frost flowers

Frost flowers

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33 thoughts on “Winter wonders: frost flowers

  1. So beautiful and a real miracle of nature. No wonder the beauty of nature is a source of inspiration for artists and designers as it surprises in many ways. Thanks for sharing and have a lovely day 🙂 Aiva xx

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    1. One doesn’t find easily these kind of ice formations, and this is the first time I found them along my walks. Pictures don’t really do them justice, they were truly exquisite🙂
      Have a wonderful weekend Lexie! xx

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