The best photos of the year: 2021

Despite 2021 being a tough year, with many ups and downs, and hopes for a normal life, we still had our little joys, witnessing the life emerging in the spring, or watching the sunny skies during the summer time! We were happy to be able to learn a bit of Canadian history in Thunder Bay, and considered lucky to be able to hit the road again, having not one, but two road trips, one in Northern Ontario, along Lake Superior, and one in Quebec, around the Gaspé Peninsula (known as Gaspésie).

Even though some wildfires altered the nature in certain areas and then the rain came to wash out the barren earth, we still had our amazing autumn, when the Mother Nature put up the most exquisite golden dress!

With everything that happened along the way, we were still able to collect beautiful moments, and build memories, to explore the nature, and find new places to travel, thus my new photo collection from 2021. Three categories this year😊

  • Category: Wildlife
American robin feeding its chicks
“Hunger” – American robin feeding its chicks
Painted turtles
“Siesta” .. or Fiesta? – Painted turtles, Buckhorn Lake, Ontario
“This is my tree, and I’m not getting down!” thought the little racoon, for sure😁
Blue heron
“Hunting” – Blue heron – Buckhorn Lake, Ontario
Black bear, Wawa
“Who’s there?” – Black bear foraging the wild blueberries field, Wawa, Ontario
Sandhill cranes
“Hurry Up, the black bear is watching us!” – Sandhill cranes in the proximity of the wild blueberries field, Wawa, Ontario
Peregrine Falcon
“What’s Up Darling?” – an eye contact with a Peregrine Falcon along Gaspé Peninsula
“Hope you can’t see me!” the grouse said – Forillon National Park, Quebec
Black squirrel
“Vacation mood” – Black squirrel – Trois-Rivières, Quebec
Monarch butterfly
“Lunch time” – Monarch butterfly – Trois-Rivières, Quebec
Yellow-rumped Warbler
“I am so fluffy and pretty, did you get a nice picture of me?” – Yellow-rumped Warbler, Forillon NP, Quebec

  • Category: Surreal
Red Rock sky
Smoky skies – Red Rock, Ontario
Windmills along Hwy 115, Ontario
Winter wonder
The rising moon – along Hwy 115, Ontario
The city of Toronto over Lake Ontario
  • Category: Landscape
The rocky shore, Cap Bon Ami - Forillon NP, Quebec
The rocky shore, Cap Bon Ami – Forillon NP, Quebec
St Lawrence River
Two shores, one river: St Lawrence River – Quebec
Mink Creek waterfalls
Mink Waterfall, Ontario
Percé Rock
Percé Rock – Percé, Quebec
Eagle canyon suspension bridge 100feet
Eagle canyon suspension bridge 100feet, Ontario
Waterfall, Cap Bon Ami - Forillon National park, Quebec
A foggy morning, Cap Bon Ami – Forillon National park, Quebec
Marathon, Pebble beach
Pebble Beach, Marathon, Ontario

Wishing you a Wonderful New Year, and to many more happy and safe travels!



50 thoughts on “The best photos of the year: 2021

  1. The beautiful Canada, a nature so grandiose and generous, it is a chance to live there. I think my favourite photo would be the rising moon, but the Forillon National Park brings back good memories. Happy and Safe Holidays!

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  2. Despite 2021 being a tough year, glad you managed to go on a couple of road trips to experience more of the natural beauty in Canada. Your pictures look amazing. We’re hoping to head out east and visit Atlantic Canada, including the Gaspé Peninsula, next year.

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    1. A fine choice to head out East🙂 When are you planning to go? We went at the end of September, and we enjoyed the autumn foliage as well. But next time we will aim for the beginning of the summer, so we can catch the lobster season🙂 All the best, Linda!

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      1. Ha, ha, nothing wrong with that and they may keep insects down. Need to work out why I’m not receiving notifications. It’s happened to a lot of sites I follow and hope that WP isn’t going down the FB route. x

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      2. Maybe it’s time to send them a message to take a look, they are quite fast at answering. I found your last 2 comments in my Spam folder, but the rest of them are ok on my end..

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  3. Oh Christie, did I ever enjoy this gallery of stunning images, thank you. I liked your category selections too. Your “surreal” category was well-named, and the wildlife and landscape categories were super. Though that ground bird is not a quail, looks like a kind of grouse, which is very special. Fantastic wildlife photos.

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  4. What an amazing collection of photo’s you have here Christie! The bear in the wild (oh my!) and the different birds are super special, so are your smokey skies picture. But my favourite (and it’s really hard to choose), are your last photo of Pebble Beach … the colours are just beautiful!
    Wishing you more happy and adventurous travelling for 2022 😊.

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    1. Pebble beach was very special to me😊 It was on the same evening after coming back from the White River suspension bridge. A very well-deserved break on the beach, watching the sunset, after walking so long in the woods😉
      Wishing you the same, happy travels for 2022!! xx

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