Rama POW WOW – A festival of culture, life and colours

Every year, on the third weekend of August, everyone is welcomed to witness Turtle Island’s finest Powwow Singers and Dancers at the annual Rama Powwow, known as one of the largest Powwows in Ontario, Canada. Starting with a Grand Entry and a few speeches from preeminent figures of the events, this festival of culture, of colours and of life continues with various dancing and singing contests, spiced up with jokes in between. 

PowWow grand opening
PowWow – Grand Opening

A gathering place, Chippewa territory was considered a place where the travelers rested before continuing their journey, or a place where they could hold meetings.

PowWow 1
During the Grand Entry, the participants walk around in circles until all of them get into the opening.

PowWow 2

Part of the Ojibwa Nation, Chippewa’s of Lake Huron and Simcoe continue to preserve their traditions. With a long migration history, this community ended purchasing land in Rama Township in 1836, a strategic geographical location for fishing and not only.

Proud young women in their gracious regalia

PowWow 4

As any modern Pow Wow, this is an event for Native people to meet and dance, sing, socialize, and honor their cultures. But also to promote their culture, and to keep alive the native spirit.PowWow 5

PowWow 6

PowWow 7

While the master of ceremony keeps on the schedule with different dancing contests for each group of age, maintains the drum rotation, or throws out some little jokes to entertain the audience, I couldn’t stop noticing how some of the participants are transported to another world or to another time. And while a whole soul is put into some dance performances, the really touching part for me was the drumming skills and songs I could hear when going around for a better sight.

PowWow 9

PowWow 8

PowWow 10

And while the Chippewa’s festival of colour and of life follows its course, and my spine has little goosebumps from the drum’s vibrations, I stay back for a bit and wonder at their own whirling history. Seeing the little kids dancing and following their parent’s steps gave me the confidence their culture will be in good hands for future generations.PowWow children 2

PowWow children 1


9 thoughts on “Rama POW WOW – A festival of culture, life and colours

  1. This would be so fabulous to see. The colourful costumes and the pounding rhythms. We get a small example of this dancing during our annual Heritage Days and we saw a dance performance of First Nations dancers with Edmonton’s Shumka Dancers. Thanks for sharing. Allan

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That was an amazing experience for me. I shall check my archive and see if I can make a little video one day. I love their colourful costumes, but I was so impressed by the drummers, and the singers; I remember I got goosebumps, truly an unique experience! Have a great afternoon, Allan!

      Liked by 1 person

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