Thanks to Bojana and her love for poetry I decided to contribute myself to the National Poetry Month (which is celebrated in April in North America). As I am not a poet, I will only say few Words:

Soft words sing a lullaby

On a clear evening when there is no cry

Lonely mother who is about

Ready to fight back the wicked and cast out.

The words can be nice, the words can be mean

One sometimes does wonder what they really mean

They can bring sorrow, but they can bring joy

They can be bold, fair or coy.


We use them when we speak, we use them when we cry

We use them when we laugh, we sing, or say good bye

They can be silent, but noisy in our head

Simple or complicated, wonder you’ve just said.


The words can bring us music, and love stories

Taking us along new territories

But they bring us lies and hate as well

Wondering sometimes what you have to tell.


The nice words are not always sincere

When you hear them loud and clear

The bad words do not always deceive

If you want to stand back and leave.


The words can get right, the words can get wrong

They aren’t always coming fair like a song

They have sometimes a meaning

Or just simply a reason for some screening


Sometimes we want to say words, sometimes to keep quiet

But they come out in rush, maybe like a riot

Sometimes we mean when we speak them out

But sometimes they go even if we doubt.


We can use few words to say maybe a lot,

Listening a friend, giving free a thought

But we can speak a lot, fancy words to bring

Talking, perorating, without saying anything.


You can use them wisely

Being kind and nicely

Or a choice of call

Saying none at all.


Have a wonderful weekend and continue to keep alive the magic of poetry❤


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