When the old adventures become new memories

It is the time to wrap up another year.

Time to celebrate the holidays with family and friends, time to offer presents, time.

Time to give or forgive. It is the time of the year when the old adventures become new memories, and all past feelings and special moments become the ground for a new start. Time to think of all the lessons learnt in the past year, time to make plans for the new one.

My gift to you my friends is a collage of photos that brought me joy during the year, peace and happiness. Hope you will enjoy!

The year started for me watching the birds, and the hunger of this little one brought me special joy in the spring.

Hunger for life

Later, we spent 2 weeks of Canadian spring in an autumnal Peru, admiring the majestic Canyon of Colca and so much more.

The majestic Colca Canyon

The summer found us in a state of serenity one morning,

The serenity of magic hour

while later we reflected over the imponderability.

The wonder of imponderability

We admired a colourful fall along Canadian roads

A colourful fall along the Canadian roads

Sweet summer

And had a different white Christmas in Mexico,

A different kind of white Christmas

while watching the pelicans.

Watching the pelicans

Wishing you a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2020!

A peaceful sunset

Happy travels to all of you!



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