CA, Ontario: The 10 most common birds from our backyard

The summer is long gone now, but the sweet memories of my little visitors are still vivid in my mind. The delight of having a garden is that you are never getting alone. Beside the gardening itself, you can always enjoy the little visitors, especially the birds. All you need is to plant certain flowers, and hang a couple of birdfeeders. Very easy!

The pictures don’t do justice to the exuberance and the joyfulness of the little ones, so I decided to make a little video. You can see what were the most successful flowers from my backyard this summer. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

p.s. Safe distance was observed, birds were not disturbed😊

Happy Birdwatching!

20 thoughts on “CA, Ontario: The 10 most common birds from our backyard

  1. What a great backyard. My favourite is the cardinal, probably because we don’t have them in the west, or at least not that I’ve ever seen. Love the hummingbird too. We went to a hummingbird garden in Colombia. It was amazing. Great pictures and great video, love that you added text. Maggie


    1. Thank you Maggie! I’m still learning how to make these little movies🙂 and I was happy when the little ones didn’t shy away too much LOL I believe the Colombian garden was pure joy! I remember we’ve seen so many types of hummingbirds in Peru, I guess most of South America have a lots of them. Btw, I have nominated you to a Travel Challenge😍 It is ok if you pass it.
      Have a great weekend!


  2. Fun birds, Christie! Hard to beat birdie entertainment. We are constantly amused as they buzz around our bird feeder and yard as well.Some old friends here as well as a few, like the Cardinal, that don’t make it out to our neck of the woods.Thanks for sharing. 🙂 –Curt

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    1. Thank you Curt! We have quite few more coming around, but these are the most common ones. Now that winter is coming over I’ll start looking for dark eyed junco and cedar waxwing. Glad you enjoyed them, thank you for your note,


  3. It is easy to see how much joy and brightness your backyard birds bring, Christie, and it’s a great pleasure to watch your video. You have a fantastic variety of birds. Your constant attention to keeping the feeders filled and clean has paid off for all of us. Thanks so much.

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