Photo Challenge – Week # 4

Thank you Nilla (from ImageEarthTravel) for initiating a new Weekly Photo Challenge for the month of August and beyond, for everyone who would like to participate. And thank you for the nomination!

Feel free to join this photo challenge, everyone is welcome!

If you accept, the challenge sees you posting a favourite photo each week for a month, that was taken at any time. So now is the time to start digging through all your treasure boxes, or post a recent one if you have something new to share with us. The fun is to guess where the photo was taken, as we suppose to post a photo without any explanation.

Today, I nominate Jyothi, from TravelExploreEnjoy for this challenge. Jyothi, you can post whenever you wish, you can accept the challenge for this coming month, or else later on, if you are too busy now. If you are not interested, then it’s ok, feel free to share this challenge.

Hope this is an easy guess😊 – Have beautiful sunny weekend, wherever you are!!

If you want to take a peek on the last year 10-day travel challenge, you can check here.


19 thoughts on “Photo Challenge – Week # 4

    1. Something familiar for you😊
      I meant to ask you, when are you returning back to Italy? I know the pandemic changed so many things, but I guess you still have your residency over there, right?

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      1. Such a gorgeous part of Italy!
        Australians can’t leave the country only on compassionate grounds. My visa ran out October last year so I’ll only be going for visits now of no more than 3 months. 😦
        But, I could leave and go to non-Schengen countries in Europe, then return to Italy for 3 months. 😉

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      2. That’s sad about your visa, but lets hope you can return soon to Europe, and traveling freely will be an option again😊
        p.s. we found kangaroo burgers in our last trip in Northern Ontario, it seems they are importing the meet, that’s a first for us, to try roo meet😉

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      3. Hope so too!
        Yes, it’s supposed to be the healthiest meat as it’s the leanest. I find it quite gamey and used to use the mince in a Bolognaise sauce as the flavour was masked. But that was when I lived on a boat and the meat came vacuum pack so a longer life in the fridge. 😉

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