US, Michigan: Best of UP – Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore – Munising – Munising and Miners Waterfalls

Around Huron Lake in 8 days: Best of UP, Part 1 – Munising – Munising and Miners Waterfalls

We left behind the soggy morning at Tahquamenon Falls, and by the time we arrived in Munising the clouds were letting the sun show up in the sky. We headed straight to the marina, where we had the evening cruise booked in advance, ready to enjoy the sunset and the Pictured Rocks. Even though the sky was not without clouds, the weather was beautiful, and we didn’t expect to hear that the evening cruise is cancelled due to rough waters. Jaw dropped, really? Yes, the boat cruise can be cancelled anytime and without notice, as the weather is unpredictable on Lake Superior.

Rough waters on Lake Superior

We are used to changing plans quickly, as often we need to adapt to weather conditions or other unexpected events, so we moved to the next chapter on the list right away. After getting a glimpse of a cruise boat coming back to shore, and several smaller boats moored for the night, we took a ride in the city, to see where we could do some shopping.


With dinner in the trunk we followed the road to the nearest attraction: Munising waterfalls.

The 300 m paved trail took us along the Munising Creek to the base of the waterfalls. Two sets of stairs lead us to some platforms for a better view.

Munising Trail - sandstone cliffEven though they were so close to the city, Munising Waterfalls looked so remote in the middle of the forest, falling noisily over the sandstone cliff.

Munising Falls

Still with plenty of daylight, we decided to go to Miner Falls as well, especially since our host was living very close.

Miners Falls is located at about 500 m from the parking area, and a gravel path going through the forest leads to two overlooks.

There are 64 steps down to the lower viewing platform where we could see the intricacies created by the water.

Miners Falls

We imagined monsters or rather stone worms when looked more closely, and decided that the power of water cannot be denied, as the Miner River carved and continues to carve the stones below, due to its power from falling about 50 feet over a sandstone cliff.

Miners Falls detail
Miners Falls detail – Do you see the monster eyes and nose?
Miners Falls detail

Following Miners Castle Rd we went to Miners Castel Overlook, which is one of the most famous landmarks along the Pictured Rocks shoreline (and accessible by car). Here we had one of the best view of Lake Superior and Grand Island. We couldn’t stop admire the natural architecture of the adjacent shore, Bridal Falls in the distance, and a shy, unique sunset.

Bridalveil falls seen from Miners Castle overlook

Sandstone at Miners Castle overlook


10 thoughts on “US, Michigan: Best of UP – Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore – Munising – Munising and Miners Waterfalls

    1. That was ok, the weather was much better next day. But I wouldn’t go on the lake with a small boat, as you’re right, Lake Superior can get really nasty. Beautiful rocky shore, but tricky waters!


  1. Thank you for bringing back fond memories of a similar trip to Upper Michigan many years ago, including Pictured Rocks, Tahquamenon Falls and several other falls.

    P.S. I will respond to your favorite films request later today or tomorrow.

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