Blue morning on a sunny Sunday

High heels echo in the middle of the street

Getting lost while time goes by

Rescued memories of a rainy day

walking on the street

Clear sky welcoming a new day

Bright and glorious

Innocent and pure

Emerges like a child’s face


It is me and my thoughts

Who follow the signs

Sleepy in this early morning

Looking for a merry dream


Memories come and go

Friends follow me

And I keep walking on the lonely trail

Until the sun goes up and high


Stranger on a stranger street

The trees are my keepers and the flowers are my friends

I feel like a child again

Running freely on a corn field


Screeching gulls appear from nowhere

Flowers’ smell fading away

Fresh bread bits spread for the crowds

Disappear in a heartbeat


Facing the empty street by myself

Thousands of hummingbirds sing at once

Pouring with love and passion

Countless minutes for eternity.


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